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Isratoys Do It Yourself Wood Mitzva Tank

Isratoys Do It Yourself Wood Mitzva Tank

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Brand: Isratoys

Do It Yourself Wood Mitzva Tank

A quality wooden creation kit for building and decorating the Mitzvah Tank.
In addition to the Chassidic experience and familiarity with the Rebbe's performers, the art kit will provide children with tools, aid creative and motor development.
Employment and creativity in building appreciation will give children a challenging creative experience and will draw the child into the world of creativity and imagination for
hours of creativity, fun and enjoyment!
Using the kit develops imagination and creativity. Gives patience and concentration and strengthens the muscles of the hands and fine motor skills.
The game combines fun and creative activities.
  • High-quality wooden parts for building the model
  • Screwdriver

  • Brush and paints

  • Set of stickers Specials for gluing and decorating

  • Instructions page

Ages 5+
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