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The King in the Field

The King in the Field

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The King in the Field is a story of five friends who dream of seeing the king and making some requests. But it’s not easy to be admitted to the royal palace, and they wonder if they will ever have the chance.

Imagine their surprise when they see that the king has left his palace to walk through the field where they are sitting!  Imagine their joy at being so close to their beloved king, their happiness at being able to speak to him face to face!

The King in the Field is a parable for the month of Elul, the Hebrew month just before the start of the Jewish New Year, is one of the best times to approach G-d with prayers and requests.  In that special month, G-d makes Himself closer and more accessible than ever, just like a king who goes for a walk through a field where his subjects can easily speak to him.




The King in the Field

Written by Dina Rosenfeld illustrated by Jessica Schiffman

ISBN:  978-1-945560-29-3

Softcover/ Ages 2-5 /

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