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Written by: Gold

Illustrated by: Tovale

Published by: Shai Publishing

In the town of Perzitchke, anti-Semites break into the winery owned by the tzaddik Reb Meir and his brother Yaakov, smashing all the wine barrels. The damage is so bad that Reb Meir is left without a livelihood and must leave town with his family in search of a new way to support them. On their travels they cross a thick forest, where they take a wrong turn, and late at night, their wagon suddenly gets struck in deep mud and begins to sink. They are out if food and water, and they can do nothing but scream for help.

Reb Eliezer, who lives near the edge of the forest, is awakened by their cries and comes to their rescue. Not only does he work hard to help Reb Meir pull the wagon out of the mud, but he takes the family into his home as his guests for several days. He and his wife - an older couple with no children - take care of all their needs. Within a year, a son is born to them - Yossele.

In the end, Yossele himself has a secret to hide. Who follows him in the middle of the night and discovers his secret? You'll find out all about it in the exciting story of Yossele.