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Benny’s Mitzvah Notes

Benny’s Mitzvah Notes

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Every day, Benny’s mother writes him a mitzvah note, and his father draws a picture on it.  Benny takes those notes to his teacher in school.

Those precious notes, highlighting Benny’s good deeds, mean so much to him.  At the end of the school year, the teacher puts each child’s mitzvah notes into an album, which the child then takes home to keep.

When he grows too old to take those little notes to school, his mother still writes them, and his father still draws the pictures.  Benny certainly tries his best and mitzvos remain at the center of Benny’s life.

When it’s time for him to write a mitzvah note for someone else, what will it say, and who gets to keep it?

A heartwarming story of life and love that parents and children will want to read over and over again!





Benny’s Mitzvah Notes

Written and illustrated by Marc Lumer

ISBN: 978-1-929628-69-8 / LCCN: 2012956365

Hardcover/ Pages 30 / Ages 3-6 

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