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Dovid & Esty in Ir Dovid

Dovid & Esty in Ir Dovid

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Discover how a parking lot can hide thousands of years of history!

Exciting adventures begin when Dovid and Esty discover The Time Condenser

Whirling back 3,000 years, they are captured by Canaanites. Will they escape in time to help King David conquer the Fortress of Zion?

Will the King succeed in establishing Jerusalem as the capital of ancient Israel?

Join Dovid and Esty in this second adventure in the Kids Discover Israel Series.

Explore archaeological sites of ancient Israel in this fun and exciting Bible mystery for children.

*In Ir David is a historical fiction that is based on true events

Join Dovid and Esty on a Grand Adventure!

* Explore the ancient archaeological site of Jerusalem, the original capital city that King David founded 3,000 years ago

*Discover the historical significance of Jerusalem to the Jewish people

*Take a peek into Israel's history

*Join in the discovery of the Silver Scrolls, the world's oldest surviving text from the Hebrew Bible



*Delightful artwork brings the characters to life

*Original and unique photography lets you experience the ancient site without needing to leave your home

*Personal interview with one of Israel's top archaeologists, Dr. Gabi Barkay


*Give the gift of Israel to the children in your life

*Suitable for the young and the young-at-heart, from 6 to 120

*Inspire and educate children about Israel, its history, and its Bible

*A unique blend of history, imagination, adventure and time travel

*Growing love for Israel

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