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Hashem is Truly Everywhere

Hashem is Truly Everywhere

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Hashem is Truly Everywhere

Hashem is here, Hashem is there, Hashem is truly everywhere! Join a curious boy and his good friend, Tzvi, Who go for a walk to look and see, Up and down and all around, Exactly where Hashem is found!

Sometimes children picture Hashem as a distant Figure, living in the heavens or the sky.  Yet, one of the most basic concepts in Judaism is the recognition of Hashem as the Creator of everything, the Original cause and source of all, and a Presence in every aspect of His creation.

In this eye-popping picture book, a curious little boy asks his friend where Hashem can be found.  As they explore together in an adventure that takes them from the sky, to the sea and then to outer space, they discover that:


High and low, dark and light,

Near and far, day and night,

In and out, here and there,

Hashem is truly everywhere!


The bouncy rhyming text is a joy to read, and the remarkable artwork, featuring stylish hot air balloons, a retro submarine and a classic rocket ship complete with splash-down capsule, will enchant children and adults of all ages!

Illustrated by former Hollywood animation artist and L.A. resident, Marc Lumer, Hashem is Truly Everywhere is available in Jewish bookstores everywhere!


Hashem is Truly Everywhere

Written by Chani Altein, illustrated by Marc Lumer

ISBN: 978-1-929628-57-5 LCCN: 201091501

Hardcover/ Pages 30 / Ages 3-6 

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