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I Go Visiting

I Go Visiting

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Even the very youngest children know how important it is to greet guests and make them feel comfortable.  However, most preschoolers don’t focus on how to BE a considerate guest.

In I Go Visiting, a cheerful brother and sister are overnight guests who really know what to do.  Your child can follow them through an afternoon of sharing, helping, and cleaning up.  In the evening, each one thanks their friend’s mother, and listens to her when she says it’s time to go to sleep.

After a happy visit, they make the bed and remember to say, “Goodbye and thank you for having me stay!”

Whether they are invited to a friend’s house after school, or are planning to spend the night, I Go Visiting is the best preparation a child could have to be the perfect guest.







I Go Visiting

Written and illustrated by Rikki Benenfeld

ISBN: 978-1-929628-33-9 / ISBN 10: 1-929628-33-1

Hardcover/ Ages 2-5 / List price $11.95

Publication Date: January 2007

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