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I Love You, My Dear

I Love You, My Dear

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How do we build healthy self-esteem in our children?  How do we let them know that they are a treasured part of our family… an indispensable part of Hashem’s world?


We can start with words!  The beautiful text in I Love You, My Dear expresses the deepest connection between parent and child.


“Our family’s been chosen to cherish and love

Your precious neshama’le sent from above.”


And we can use pictures… soft, sweet depictions of a family showing how blessed and happy they are with the children in their lives. Together, the words and pictures in this sensitive book combine to create a bonding experience for parents and children to share. Perfect for a new baby gift, I Love You, My Dear is just right for reading to newborns on up.  Children will never tire of hearing words of appreciation and closeness…


“I kiss you and hug you and hold you so near,

I’ll love you forever and ever, my dear.”


I Love You, My Dear

By Chaya Baron illustrated by Nancy Munger

ISBN: 9781945560385 / LCCN: 2020939921

Hardcover / 7 x 10 / Laminated pages / Ages 2-5 /

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