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In Good Hands

In Good Hands

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100 Letters and Talks of the Lubavitcher Rebbe, Rabbi Menachem M. Schneerson on Bitachon: Trusting in G-d

The Letters: A Rock-Solid Trust — In this world, people sometimes feel alone; G-d seems to be hiding His Face. Thus it was that thousands of forlorn strugglers, groping in the dark for the Hand of the Divine Shepherd, poured out their hearts to the Rebbe with the request that he help them find their bearings. The letters in response, whether simplistic or philosophical, are candid, but always compassionate. Above all, they empower their readers with a rock-solid trust – that even at such times they are in good hands.

The Talks: Recurring Themes — Instead of passively awaiting supernatural intervention, you decide to create a natural conduit (such as working for a living) for the downward flow of Divine blessings. Does that mean that your trust in G-d is imperfect?

If G-d is the ultimate Healer, how can the Sages approve of medical intervention?

How can you honestly trust that you will be granted manifest good, when you know that some people are more deserving and others are perhaps less so?

Chassidim say, “Think positively, and things will be positive!” What does this mean?

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