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It Only Takes A Minute

It Only Takes A Minute

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Young children are so eager and excited to move along with their day.   That’s why – even when it’s important – it can be so hard for them to stop and take an extra minute.


In this lively picture book, the adorable main character happily shares his biggest discovery:  One little minute can make a big difference!


How wonderful to realize that it only takes a minute to help, to smile, to notice, to practice, and to listen.


After reading this book, which doesn’t take more than a minute or two, boys and girls can think of their own ideas, as well!


It Only Takes a Minute

by Bracha Goetz, illustrated by Bill Bolton

ISBN 978-1-945560-02-6 / LCCN 2017904789

Hardcover / Laminated pages / Ages 2-5

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