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Jerusalem of Old

Jerusalem of Old

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A gripping historical account which will pull at your heartstrings as you experience some of the most painful days in our nation's history.

It is a book about faith, dedication and strength. A book of triumph and turmoil. The history of an exiled nation, rebuilt with incredible endurance and then destroyed once again. A nation who fell, stumbled, and then gathered its strength to return to its Father once more. It is the story of our very life.

The only collection of its type for youth, Jerusalem of Old first appeared in Hebrew as VeliYerushalayim Ircha twenty years ago, quickly becoming a household legend. Now translated into English, this new, updated edition sweeps its readers into the pages of our nation's history, imbuing them with a love and longing for the golden era of our nation, for the Bais Hamikdash, and for the ultimate geula.

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