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Just Right

Just Right

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It is a big adventure for Rivkie and her family to move into an empty new house.  Soon the moving truck arrives.  The furniture, carpets, plants, toys and clothes all get put away in their respective places, and the family starts to feel at home.


That is – until Rivkie discovers that something is missing.  She leads everyone into each room determined to make everything “just right.” By working together, the whole family helps to put in place all the important, familiar objects that turn an ordinary house into a special Jewish home.


Small children will enjoy seeing Shabbos candlesticks in the dining room, Jewish books in the den, tzedakah boxes in the kitchen, and Chanukah menorahs in the living room.  When everything seems just right, Rivkie insists that something is still missing.  Finally, they all help put up the mezuzahs to finish transforming their new house into a real Jewish home.


A glossary of unfamiliar words is included in the book.


Just Right – The Story of a Jewish Home

Written by Ellen Emerman, illustrated by Sarah Kranz

ISBN: 978-1-945560-45-3

Softcover / pages 32 / Ages 3-7 

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