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Kind Little Rivka

Kind Little Rivka

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The Biblical account of Rivka is a well known story.  Avram sends Eliezer with 10 loaded camels all the way across the desert to find a wife for his son Yitzchak.  He wants a really special bride; she is to be the one of the mothers of the Jewish people.  Eliezer devises a test; the right girl would need to show kindness not only to him but also to his camels.


In the telling of this beloved story, Dina Rosenfeld has combined the Biblical account with additional background taken from the Midrash. The laical text and Ilene Lederer’s fabulous artwork create a book that children love to read again and again.


First published in 1991, this story has been translated into Russian, Italian, Portuguese, German with additional languages in the works

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