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A Little Girl Named Miriam

A Little Girl Named Miriam

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Miriam was a little girl who loved to help her mother in her work as a midwife for all the babies born to the Jews in Egypt.  When the wicked Pharaoh declares that there will be no more baby boys, it is Miriam who courageously speaks up.  When her own baby brother needs help, it is Miriam who comes to the rescue!


A Little Girl Named Miriam is the story of how a special girl speaks up at just the right time and in just the right way. The story shows her greatness at a very early age, as Miriam displays her unique qualities and paves the way for the salvation of the Jewish People.


The example set by Miriam is a wonderful learning experience for both girls and boys ages 2-5.  The colorful illustrations perfectly match the lively text.  What a great Torah heroine for young children to emulate!


In the retelling of this beloved story, Dina Rosenfeld has combined the Biblical account with additional background taken from the Midrash. The lyrical text and Ilene Lederer’s fabulous artwork create a book that children will love to read again and again.


A Little Girl Named Miriam

by Dina Rosenfeld illustrated by Ilene Winn-Lederer

ISBN:  978-0-922613-79-3 / LCCN:  00-107810

Hardcover 32 pages / Ages 2-5

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