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Isratoys Let's Dress Yoni

Isratoys Let's Dress Yoni

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Brand: Isratoys


Let's Dress Yoni!
How to play:

With the lace, "sew" the clothes onto Yoni.Object of the game:
Development of coordination and fine motor skills
Sorting skills:
Which ones are Shabbos clothes?

What should we wear outside in the winter?

What are summer clothes?
Language enrichment:
During play your child will become familiar with a larger vocabulary: aricles of clothing such as hat, scarf, gloves, parts such as a buckle, a pocker a butonfiole, and difficences between a shoe, a sandal and a boot.
The game develops with your child:
Includes sets of clothing of two, three and four pieces.
  • 1 Yoni doll
  • 18 articles of clothing
    - Pajamas
    - Shabbos Clothes
    - Summer Clothes
    - Coat And Hat
    - A Costume
    - Winter Clothes (etc.)
  • 3 laces
    Ages 3-7
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