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Much, Much Better

Much, Much Better

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Shlomo and his wife, Miriam, live in a bright, tidy house in the ancient city of Baghdad.  The couple’s greatest joy is welcoming guests for Shabbat.  But one week, there isn’t a single poor or lonely person who can join them.  When a mysterious traveler knocks on their door, Shlomo and Miriam treat him royally.  Then, before he leaves, the grateful guest blesses the couple with the strangest bracha they’ve ever heard.

Your home “ would be better with a sticky stained tablecloth….  And it would be much, much better with crumbs scattered on the floor.”

The two of them can’t help wondering: what will happen next?

Based on a tale of Eliyahu Hanavi, this beautiful story of hidden blessing is a heartwarming treat for the entire family.

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