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My Encounter with the Rebbe Vol. 2

My Encounter with the Rebbe Vol. 2

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Beginning in 1969, Mr. Zalman Jaffee, a businessman from the United Kingdom, began regaling readers with animated portrayels of his visits with the Rebbe (and the Rebbetzin) with the publication of a book that he titled My Encounter with the Rebbe.

With a keen eye for the ironic and unusual, Mr. Jaffe's diary - written intimately and descriptively and sprinkled with a healthy dose of humor - was published yearly, resulting in twenty-six volumes. Counted amongst his loyal readership were none other than the Rebbe & Rabbetzin.

These highly acclaimed and voluminious diaries open a window into the Rebbe's personal interactions and day-to-day avtivities and constitute a rare firsthand account of modern Chabad-Lubavitch history.

The current volume (three) - to which many unique photographs of the Rebbe have been added - compiles Mr. Jaffe's diaries from 1977 through 1979

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