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My Jewish Days of the Week

My Jewish Days of the Week

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The days of the week are filled with school, chores and fun . . .but the characters in this book know exactly which day they love the most. Exciting illustrations and clever rhymes help teach preschoolers the days of the week and the joy of Shabbos.


“Six days you shall labor and do all your work, but the seventh day is Shabbos…” (Exodus 20;9-10)  The sages explain that each and every day’s labor has a special connection to the upcoming Shabbos.  


My Jewish Days of the Week is a fun-filled journey toward the best day of all. It begins with a family Sunday spent in the garden, a busy Monday spent at school, and ends with Thursday grocery shopping and Friday cooking and cleaning.  All week long, the characters prepare for the experience of ushering in and observing Shabbos. The catchy rhymes and old-world illustrations portray everyday life as a joyous adventure for toddlers. Naturally, Shabbos itself is given top billing as:

 a go-to-shul and walking day

 a story-telling, talking day

 a friend and neighbor meeting day

 a yummy challah-eating day!


The text is set in a large clear font, and a glossary explains any words that may be unfamiliar to some of the readers. As an added bonus, a beautiful chart at the end of the book reviews all the days of the week in both English and Hebrew.



My Jewish Days of the Week

by Dvora Waysman illustrated by Melanie Schmidt

ISBN: 1-929628-03-X / LCCN: 00-103137

Hardcover / pages 25 / Ages 2-5 

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