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Of Medicine, Miracles, and Mindsets:

Of Medicine, Miracles, and Mindsets:

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For 9 weeks before he was born, his parents were told by the doctors to “let nature take its course”.

When their child was diagnosed in utero with complex congenital heart and gastrointestinal defects, Elie and Chaya Rochel Estrin knew they had a tough ride ahead. Their determined battle to save baby Nissi was waged in spite of doctors’ predictions for a six-hour lifespan. It was a struggle inspired by the Jewish approach to life, deep Chassidic insights, and spurred on by overt miracles — resulting in a remarkable medical journey.
The book’s second section serves as a practical guide for medical professionals, caregivers for loved ones, or friends who want to help. It provides insider perspective borne from experience, tips, crisis management tools, as well as the spiritual means and mindsets which propelled the Estrins through their son's multiple near-death experiences.
This is a candid journal of fear and perseverance; a passionately eloquent yet humorous chronicle of the beauty and the ugly in hospitals, of patient advocacy, of unwavering parental love, and of optimism and trust in G-d — even under the most trying and difficult circumstances.

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Cover photo courtesy Paul Bestock

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