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Red is My Rimon

Red is My Rimon

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What colorful mitzvos come into your head

When you think of yellow — or brown, blue, and red?

All around the year, we do mitzvos with colorful objects:   brown matza,  green lulav,  red rimon, silver candlesticks, and so many more!

Beautiful, sophisticated paintings depict each color scene, and every page is surrounded by a strong, bright border.  The lovely rhyming verses will appeal to even the very youngest toddlers.

What a great way to learn colors and mitzvos!  A valuable gift for every Jewish child to read and enjoy all year long!



Red is My Rimon 

A Jewish Child’s Book of Colors

Written by Dvorah Glick illustrated by Dena Ackerman

ISBN: 978-1-929628-71-1 / LCCN 2012938848

Hardcover / 32 pages / Ages 2-5

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