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Siddur Annotated Hebrew with English Instructions Compact Edition

Siddur Annotated Hebrew with English Instructions Compact Edition

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 response to popular demand, we hereby present the Siddur Tehillat Hashem Annotated Edition, with Hebrew Text and English Instructions & a Tehillim. This Siddur follows the publication of the Siddur Tehillat Hashem Annotated Edition with English Translation, which has quickly become a fixture in synagogues and homes the world over.

This new edition of the Siddur contains all the features that have become a hallmark of the Annotated Edition Series. These Features include:

  •  A Hebrew text that has been completely reset, and has been carefully corrected on the basis of thorough study and comparison with earlier editions of the Siddur.
  •  Identifying headings before the major sections of the prayers.
  •  Additions for special occasions set off from the text in shaded areas, with detailed instructions about when they are to be said.
  •  Clear and detailed instructions on the mechanics of the prayers and on their laws and customs.
  •  A detailed presentation of the laws relating to the prayers, which has been added as an appendix called “Selected Laws and Customs”.

In keeping with the previous editions of the Siddur, those sections of “Rulings of the Alter Rebbe” that have appeared throughout the classic editions of Tehillat Hashemhave been collected and are printed in a special section at the end of the present edition.


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