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The 12 Pesukim Singalong Book

The 12 Pesukim Singalong Book

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40 pg.



  • A 12 Pesukim sing-along book that helps kids finally comprehend the meaning of these 12 fundamental verses. Through captivating songs and beautiful artwork, this book brings these concepts to life.
  • This book includes 12 full two-page spreads filled with captivating graphics, vivid colors that pop, and catchy songs that teach children fundamental Jewish values that were hand picked by the Lubavitcher Rebbe for their incredible importance in fostering a strong Jewish identity in todays youth. To bring down these teachings to the imaginative and curious young minds, we have distilled and condensed these ideas into these adorable rhymes. Your child will sit for hours riveted and entertained.
  • In addition, following the illustrated children's pages, there is a detailed parents guide with more depth, information and meaning for these twelve Jewish values, to help you have thought provoking conversations with your little ones. And hey, you might learn a thing or two as well.

by Leah Engel

illustrated by Pessia fetter 

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