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The Gaon of Nitra

The Gaon of Nitra

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The he Gaon of Nitra is widely known as "Rebbe Michoel Ber" or "Rabbi Weissmandl". He was world-renowned as a giant in Torah, in rescue, in chinuch, in ahavas Yisroel, and in yiras shomayim. He was fluent in Jewish history, as well as being an expert in manuscripts of rishonim and acharonim. He was well- versed in remozim found in the letters of the Torah, and in so much more.

This unique combination of the special traits of "The Gaon of Nitra", is most likely the reason that he did not live in a vacuum. His life was totally devoted to the service of Hashem, and he threw his entire being into the mission at hand.

Due to his mesiras nefesh, "The Gaon of Nitra" was able to nimbly adapt to the various tasks that were thrust upon him and ably assume a leadership role in solving them.

Not least among them, the horrible years of the Holocaust, during which European Jewry was in grave danger of total destruction. Largely due to his heroic mesiras nefesh, tens of thousands survived. They proceeded to rebuild their lives, and create a living memorial to past Jewish life.

He dedicated his remaining life to the difficult, rejuvenation of the old Jewish lifestyle in a new country, on the American continent. With rare strength, he built the Nitra yeshiva in the United States. He proudly showed that, even in America, there is a possibility to remain on the "old golden path" trodden on by our holy Rabbis.

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