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There’s a Reason Why

There’s a Reason Why

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Our story begins with questions and no answers.  A young boy’s best friend seems to ignore him and disappoint him all day long!

Why does Shua leave without saying goodbye?  Why doesn’t he pick up the phone?  Why doesn’t he come to play in the park?

In this large, full color picture book, our inspiring hero stays positive and refuses to judge without having all the facts.  In spite of his confusion, he decides to be dan dan l’kaf zechus and give Shua the benefit of the doubt!

Being dan l’kaf zechus takes practice for adults and children alike, and it’s never too soon to instill this fundamental Torah value!

The reveal of Shua’s “reason why” will surprise and delight families and children ages 4 and up.




There’s a Reason Why

Written by Freidele Galya Soban Biniashvili

Illustrated by Glenn Zimmer

ISBN: 978-1929628-90-2 / LCCN: 2016947623

Hardcover / Ages 4 & up / 

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