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Time for Torah

Time for Torah

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Torah is our most precious gift… but how can small children understand the importance of learning?  In this adorable rhyming story, a young boy notices all the people in his neighborhood who demonstrate their love for learning whenever and wherever they can!

What does busy Mr. Berk do every day at lunch time?  Why does Dr. Wassergold get up so early every morning?  Why doesn’t Rabbi Rhett rest while his class has recess? They are all making time for Torah, of course!

Most importantly, what does our young hero do before he goes outside to play?


“I study what I’ve learned before,

And try to add a little more.

Hashem’s so happy when I do…

If I can do it, so can you!”


Vibrant illustrations with colorful details will fascinate even the very youngest children.  Wipe-clean laminated pages will keep this book sturdy and spotless for reading after reading.  In the most joyous and positive way, Time for Torah will enrich every Jewish child’s bookshelf and instill the value of learning right from the start!



Time for Torah

Written by Devorah Schwebel,  illustrated by Tova Katz

ISBN: 978-1-929628-55-1 / LCCN: 2009936990

Hardcover/ Ages 3-6 / Lis

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