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Where Does Food Come From?

Where Does Food Come From?

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For a child the food we see on our tables comes in boxes, plastic bags and cans, and is bought in a store.  The child is taught the different bracha’s, blessings, to be said before eating each type of food, to thank Hashem for all the different foods.  The specific bracha said on each food is based on the origin of that particular food.


Where Does Food Come From? Attempts to bridge that gap between the child and the bracha to be said, by illustrating where each food comes from.  The amazing detailed illustrations will help the child understand the growing and processing of bread, grape juice, baked goods, fruits and vegetables and the meaning of the bracha.  Which in turn will give the child the basic knowledge to know and understand what brachas to say.


Where Does Food Come From?

A Bracha Discovery Book

Written by Dina Rosenfeld, illustrated by Rina Lyampe

ISBN: 978-1-945560-32-3

Softcover / Pages 32 / Ages 2-5

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